What We Do

What is our aim?

Well, it’s really about quality. That’s what we like. Our primary aim at eyesonthescreen is to build an archive of good film recommendations. We are a resource, for those of you who enjoy a better class of cinema but don’t know where to start.

As everything around us gets busier and busier, and working days get longer and longer, it would be nice if some folks could just provide a handy guide to watching quality films. Or, maybe you are a student who enjoys cinema and just wants to get into the ‘deeper-cuts’ of film making, but can’t tell an Iñárritu from a Herzog. Well, you have come to the right place, we’re those folks. We’ll take you by the eyeballs and guide you away from the general ‘kipple’ that the world of cinema puts out, steering you towards various film movements and movies that offer you the absolute ‘best’ artistically speaking.

Therefore, nothing will be recommended on this site that hasn’t been agreed (and argued vehemently) upon by all of our Editors. We hope there will be a lot of stuff here that you haven’t seen. And if there is anything we haven’t seen, please let us know because we love watching films.


How do our recommendations work?

This we are quite proud of. This is where we get to put our personalities into the mix (not too much mind you). We aim to keep our recommendations short and sweet. So mainly our works consist of our thoughts about the film, a very brief summary with no spoilers what so ever, a running time, the film’s awards where applicable, maybe a bit of history and a ‘recommended viewing situation’.

We always keep in mind that our website is to be used as a useful tool for cinema lovers.


Recommended Viewing Situation?

Essentially, it’s how we feel our audiences should be positioned for maximum viewing pleasure. Ideally, we would love to show you some illustrations (and one day we might) of how we believe it is best to position yourself for this ‘maximum viewing pleasure’, but for now, we’ll just use our words.


How do our Categories work?

Well, that’s the best part actually. We give you the generic tags that you might expect to see in magazines, newspapers and other film blogs, and then delicately place a real gem of cinema under that heading with a short recommendation piece.  We also organise our films chronologically in the ‘By Year‘ category, ranging from the 1900’s to the present day.

To give you an idea, we don’t demarcate our films by language, sexuality, culture or gender, only by politics and narrative quality. So expect reviews and articles surrounding some really hard hitting, explicit, subtitled films about gender neutrality and capitalist hegemony gone mad in a surreal dystopian world (for the most part, but we also love The Naked Gun).

Our ‘Features’  section is formed of articles centring on certain artistic movements, directors, actors, cinematographers, historical eras, or whatever really comes to mind, that binds a number of films together. Think of them as small case studies.


What are the Playlists?

That is something we are working on, imagine you have a few friends around and one of them boldly proclaims, “I want to watch ‘A Few Films that will Warp My Sense of Reality Forever’.” We hope to provide you with that list.


Where can watch these films?

Well, due to the advent of the internet, there are tons of resources for viewing films online. And luckily, there are a fantastic amount of niche independent cinemas that screen a lot of the stuff on our list. In fact, almost all of the films we’ve recommended here can be found on the internet. We try to keep that in mind when we source our content. I mean, we have to view them somehow as well.


What gives us the authority to do this?

Nothing. We know what we like. And ultimately we are just trying to share our thoughts. Personally, we think it’s better than watching Cheaper by the Dozen on repeat ? Strictly speaking, you can check out our ‘Meet the Team’ page and scrutinise our CV’s if you want? I mean, a couple of us used to be in the film industry, if that means anything to you?