Welcome to Eyes On The Screen – the place for film recommendations.

Our aim is to provide film lovers with an answer to the question, ‘What do I watch next?’.

Now before we start, we won’t recommend any old film, some films just aren’t worth watching.

And, although our overall mission is to offer this resource, our site is not dominated by our recommendations, we also do features and videos. On the staff, we have a wonderfully diverse group of writers with equally varied opinions on movies and we believe that everything on our site is worth a watch because, as we say, we won’t recommend just anything. In fact, the collection we have on here has been discussed and vehemently argued over by all of our staff.

As we are a Brighton and London based website, we might tell our viewers about a few of the local film festivals and screenings in these areas. But, films cross borders and as all of our writers have a passion for world cinema, expect to see a lot of features on international film festivals, cinematic movements and film makers of interest from around the globe.

And if you’re wondering where you can watch all the movies we recommend, there are tons of resources (Netflix, Mubi, Amazon Prime) for viewing films online, or at your local (incredibly niche) independent cinema. In fact, almost all of the films we’ve recommended here can be found on the internet somewhere. We try to keep that in mind when we source our content. I mean, we have to watch them somehow as well.

We are your ‘good film resource’, recommending films to you because sometimes it’s hard to know what to watch next…

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